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WOW, does this stuff cover well! Have you seen those videos of girls writing in black and red sharpie on their face, and then covering it up flawlessly and quickly with foundation? This is THAT foundation. It can also easily cover a tattoo. There has been a lot of hype on the internet about this foundation, and I had to try it. Trust me, it actually works. Yes, I wrote on my forehead in black liquid eyeliner, let it dry, and then covered it with this foundation, and I can’t tell where it was! Where has this been all my life?

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I typically wear Covergirl outlast foundation, 810 Classic Ivory (pale) in the winter and 825 Buff Beige (lighter tan) or 850 Creamy Natural (darker tan) in the summer, depending on how tan I am. I ordered this Dermacol makeup cover in the 210 shade and it matches the Covergirl 810 Classic Ivory shade perfectly. Dermacol 210 is warm toned, light, (but not pink or yellow undertoned) and matches my pale-ish Caucasian skin tone well. I see why this is used for on-screen and photo shoots. Holy crap, I’ll say it again, it covers so well! So much better than any typical foundation or concealer I have ever used. I use 3 little pin-sized dots over my regular makeup as a concealer where needed daily (like under eye bags) and blend blend blend. For special occasions, I’ll use it all over my face as my only foundation and on those occasional days, others have commented on how great my skin looks – it looks airbrushed! This stuff makes you glow, so if you want 0 shine, you will not like it. It does not look matte, at least not on my combination skin. You do need a powder to set it or it gets a bit greasy on hot sweaty summer days. Alternatively, if you have dry patches, exfoliate and moisturize first, because this stuff sticks to dry patches and looks weird. Other than that, it is easy to use. It is waterproof. If you’re swimming in the pool and don’t rub your face on a towel, it will stay on flawlessly, but it also washes off easily with soap, water, and light scrubbing. A little bit goes a very long way, and at this rate this tiny tube is going to last a long time. I wish I’d have known about this years ago! I have blemishes, dark under-eye circles, small dark sun spots, and freckles, and this covers all of them flawlessly. I can’t even tell where they were once I’ve applied it. Best of all, it has not been breaking out my sensitive skin. I have included a photo above of a 10 second application I did on my arm to cover black freckles, red mosquito bites, and sunburn- and it looks even better on the face with more blending! Just buy it, you won’t regret it. *See edit at bottom of the page for warning!*

Here are the colors:

If you’re super porcelain pale, get the Dermacol #208 here.
If you’re fair skinned but not pale, like me, get the Dermacol #210 here.
For darker tan colors, get them here.

Enjoy your flawless skin!


*EDIT: A word of warning, many sellers on Amazon and Ebay are now selling knock-offs. The seller I got mine from on Amazon was NYDealz and I got the authentic product. My sister ordered this same product but got a knock off. Don’t open your product when you receive it, check it out first! You can tell you’ve received a knock off as it will have one of the following characteristics: On the top of the tube on the back, there may be only 2 lines of black print on the fake instead of 3 lines of black print on the authentic product. The pointy part on the bottom of the lid used to break the seal may have a sqaure-ish point instead of a completely round one on the authentic product. The real version will have a hard crease where the top is connected, and the fake may not. See the photos below for examples of those. If you see one of those three traits on your bottle, don’t open it and send it back to demand a refund! Finally, the fake product may have a flowery or perfumed scent while the authentic product smells like absolutely nothing.

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