Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray



This review is for my favorite hair product of all time, Healthy Sexy Hair’s Beach Spray. The natural wave, thickness, and texture that swimming in saltwater provides to limp hair could not be reproduced, until this product. For years, hair product companies have been trying to mimic the effect of swimming in ocean in a bottle. Finally, somebody got it right!

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I have baby-fine, limp, thin hair. It’s not straight and not curly, but a bit wavy. I bought this at my hairdresser’s shop after she told me I HAD to try it, but have since reordered on Amazon as needed because the price is much lower. It makes me look like I actually have full, thick, tousled and textured wavy hair! I love the texture of my hair after spraying it on wet, scrunching, and letting my hair air dry. This “hairstyle” only takes about 30 seconds to create. If you don’t like air drying, you could spray it on, scrunch, and then blow-dry. Once dry, my hair feels full and springy, not limp and thin like it does without the product. I’ve tried pretty much every other beach spray on the market over the past two years, and none are this good. It is not sticky and doesn’t make your hair crunchy, brittle, or greasy, yet it provides a great feeling texture. You can tell there’s something in your hair, but it’s not heavy. It has a light perfumed fragrance that smells lovely, but not overwhelming. One bottle lasts me about a month with daily use. The bottle itself has a spray pump which never jams, and the internal straw attached to it actually goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle so you are not wasting the last few drops of the product.  It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when product packaging does not allow you to get the last little bit of product out. I will order this forever!

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