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Hello, all!

I’m an avid DIYer, outdoor enthusiast, crafter, decorator, thrift shopper, upcycler, dumpster diver, re-purposer, gardener, mom, foodie, reviewer, and product tester. I work in an education office for my 9 to 5 but love the outdoors, traveling, swimming, camping, hiking, nature, decorating, beauty products, makeup, hair products, fashion, accessories, home decor, outdoor decor, kitchen tools, bed and bath products, electronics, and gadgets. I enjoy products that are simple to use and improve my life, and I will try just about anything once. I have a passion for DIYing and re-purposing “junk”, whether it be in the home or outside in the yard and patio, and I share some of my ideas here in the form of tutorials. Some of my hobbies include crafting, reading, gardening, playing piano, playing guitar, board games, and exercising. My husband and I have a 5-year-old daughter and I have a 12-year-old stepson.  I have three dogs, indoor fish, and outdoor fish. I shop mainly online and rely heavily on reviews when researching and purchasing products. Because of that, I feel it is only fair to provide my honest feedback to others when I purchase a product so they have the opportunity to do the same. Here’s a link to my Amazon profile– I review everything! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions on my tutorials, home made decor, reviews, or any of the products I have purchased. And, last but not least, welcome to my eclectic blog.